Fixed Implant Retained Hybrid Dentures

Fixed Implant Retained Hybrid Dentures (Fixed Hybrid Dentures) are also known as All-on-4 or All-on-X or Screw-Retained Dentures. This is the most complex denture that our Edmonton Denturists craft at Derrick Denture + Implant Centre in Edmonton. If you have lost or are about to lose all your upper or lower teeth a Fixed Hybrid Denture is the highest standard of care available to patients who are considering dentures. If you are about to lose your teeth or have already lost your teeth and wearing conventional dentures, then Fixed Hybrid Dentures are worth exploring as a top-tier treatment option. This option provides a solution that is as similar as possible to natural teeth.

All on 6 Fixed Implant Retained Hybrid Denture

Less Bulky.

More Durable.

Superior Retention & Stability.

Most Natural Solution.

Fixed Hybrid Retained Denture treatment can go forward in a few different ways. Our Edmonton Denturists can help you determine the best way to proceed. If you are having teeth extracted or do not have teeth and have been wearing a conventional denture, the All-on-4 or All-on-X protocol is generally followed. Using the All-on-4 or All-on-X method allows a patient to have their teeth extracted, a minimum of 4 implants placed (or 6, or 8..), and a temporary or provisional fixed denture secured by screws to the implants – all within a day. The patient will wear the provisional denture for 3-6 months while the implants heal. After healing has occurred treatment continues with the making of the final denture. The final Fixed Hybrid Denture has a titanium bar that is encased within the denture and secured to the implants.

All on 6 Fixed Implant Retained Hybrid Denture

All on 6 Fixed Implant Retained Hybrid Denture

If you currently have a Removable Implant-Supported Denture (usually using locator implants) and have a minimum of 4 implants, the existing implants may be used as the foundation to make a Fixed Hybrid Implant Denture.  After a proper assessment by our Edmonton Denturist is completed and it is determined that the existing implants can be used it is just a matter of changing some of the implant parts and fabricating a Fixed Implant Denture that encases a titanium bar which will be secured by screws to the implants.

Remember though, this is an implant denture that is fixed, or screwed into place, and isn’t taken out by the patient.  It can only be removed at Derrick Denture + Implant Centre in Edmonton by one of our denture specialists or a dentist if needed (such as cleaning every 6-9 months).  If you are someone who does not like the idea of taking dentures in and out of the mouth, this is the best solution for you.

Benefits of Fixed Hybrid Dentures:

  • The foundation of a Fixed Hybrid Implant Denture is a titanium bar that is encased within the denture.  This provides a solid foundation and exceptional stability
  • Since a Fixed Hybrid Implant Denture is secured by screws through a titanium metal connection the ability to chew harder (bite force) is substantially greater compared to conventional dentures
  • When implants are placed, bone loss or resorption of the jaw bone is minimal compared to someone who wears conventional dentures
  • There is less bulk of denture material in the mouth compared to conventional dentures
  • The palette at the top of the mouth is not covered with denture material
  • Fixed Hybrid Implant Dentures allow a person to go through life is as normal and natural way as possible
  • Since Fixed Hybrid Implant Dentures are secured to the jaw bone by screws they won’t become dislodged when talking, eating, laughing, etc

Possible Problems with Fixed Hybrid Dentures

  • Since Fixed Hybrid Implant Dentures are permanent, it is very important to have very good oral care to keep them clean.  Unlike conventional dentures that can be removed and soaked in a cleaner which removes bacteria, saliva and food particles that are soaked up in the dentures, this can’t be done with Fixed Hybrid Dentures.  Special toothpaste and a Waterpik used regularly is the best that can be done. The plaque will accumulate on a denture, just like it will on teeth, so the patient will need to return to the Denturist or Dentist every 6-9 months to have the Fixed Hybrid Denture removed, cleaned properly and then replaced.  This requires additional cost and time.
  • Fixed Hybrid Implant Dentures are composed of teeth that are made of composite and an acrylic base that encases the titanium bar.  These materials are not meant to last forever and the teeth and/or the acrylic base may need to be replaced every 5-7 years because they will wear.  At times the acrylic base can crack or a composite tooth can chip or break out of the Fixed Hybrid Denture. When some sort of repair is required the denture will need to be removed to be repaired properly and then replaced again.  This will require additional cost and time.

Is it painful to have Implants placed?

When you think of surgery, you probably think about the pain, which might be your only reason for not going through with this procedure. In reality, it is relatively pretty pain-free.  A person feels pain when nerves are severed or aggravated. If the dentist has correctly scanned and x-rayed your jaws the location of the nerves is mapped. After the dentist applies the usual anesthetics to keep the pain away during the surgery, he can use this map to place the implants so they will not severe or aggravate the nerves.  As a precaution, the dentist will provide you with pain medications that can be used during the healing period, just in case.

Fixed Hybrid Implant Dentures Cost

The first question denture patients as our denturists at Derrick Denture + Implant Centre have about any dental procedure, especially when related to implants, is:  What does it cost? A Fixed Hybrid Denture, All-on-4, All-on-X or Screw Retained Denture includes at least 4 implants, the Provisional Denture, and the final Fixed Hybrid Denture.  That is a lot of different steps and stages.  The inclusive cost for this treatment is $23,000 per arch (maxilla or mandible). The implant procedures will be completed at one of our preferred dental partners’ clinics and the dentures will be fabricated on-site at Derrick Denture + Implant Centre.  For more detail please see our Fee Guide Page.

YIKES!  Yes, that is a lot of money.  However, even though this is a bit more than twice the cost of a Removable Implant Retained Denture with Locator attachments, a Fixed Hybrid Denture requires more appointments, more time making the dentures (temporary and final Fixed Hybrid Denture) plus the cost of the titanium bar and other parts that are not needed for other types of dentures.


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