Denture Repairs

Since Derrick Denture & Implant Centre in Edmonton has a full-service clinic and lab on-site, our denturists are able to provide a variety of same-day repairs to dentures. Whether it be a broken denture tooth, a cracked denture or a broken denture our Edmonton Denturists can help any denture patient in need.

If there is a crack down the middle of the dentures or the dentures are broken in two pieces our denturists can usually be complete the denture repair in approximately 1 hour to 1 ½ hours. If a tooth has fallen out of a denture, our Edmonton Denturists can repair this in approximately 1 hour, unless we can’t find a good match for the tooth immediately. If we have to order the correct denture tooth it normally takes a day for the tooth to arrive at which time the denture repair can be completed.

In some cases the the clasps or other metal parts of a partial denture can break. Most partial denture repairs can be completed in 2 hours. In some cases the repair is more extensive and will require 3-4 days. Our Edmonton Denturists can help to determine what will be required to repair the partial denture properly.

It’s always best to speak with one of the Denturists at Derrick Denture & Implant Centre in Edmonton prior to showing up for a denture repair appointment so that we can ensure we can provide accurate timelines for assistance.

Remember: Please do not attempt to do “at home” repairs.  When patients try to “glue” their dentures back together, the glue between two pieces of a denture can alter the fit entirely making the denture repair much more expensive or almost impossible.

What is the cost of Denture Repairs?

At Derrick Denture & Implant Centre in Edmonton, we follow the fee guide recommended by the College of Alberta Denturists.

Please visit our Fee Guide Page for the cost of basic denture repairs.  For more extensive repairs the cost will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.


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